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It’s Winter Time
‘Snow in Dubai’!!, you could be talking about Ski Dubai at the Mall of the Emirates. But ‘Snow in Sharjah’? Yes the students of The Indian Academy Sharjah had a fun day experiencing what it is like during the chilling winter months in snow.
As a part of ongoing range of activities to enhance their understanding of various topics, the children had a special activity called ‘It’s Winter Time’. Various activities were conducted to help them understand the uniqueness of various seasons of the year – what it feels like, what people wear, what we like to eat and what we enjoy doing during that particular season. To reinforce their understanding of the various seasons and winter in particular, the children were asked to come dressed in various winter wear. The children came dressed in jackets, mufflers, gloves, caps, cardigans and various other woolen accessories. What more could they do, than play with snow balls, to get the real feel of snow in the cold winter months.
The joy on their faces was noticeable as they pretend played with snowballs in a perfect setting with a cold snowy backdrop to add to the chilling atmosphere.

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