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An annual creative competition was conducted in Expo Centre, Sharjah by TMG group on both writing and drawing during Sharjah Children’s Reading Festival 2015. The competition that was aimed in encouraging children was a huge success where we are proud to say that our students were able to achieve rewards and benefits. It was a true acknowledgement of our children’s talents. A proud moment for all !!!!
During Sharjah Children’s Reading Festival 2015, approximately four thousand five hundred students from all over UAE participated in the Creative Writing and Creative Art competitions conducted by TMG group where out of 50 students participation from The Indian Academy Sharjah,10 students scored the top list i.e. 4 students got first position (NidhaFatima  -Gr. III, AbdusSamad – Gr. II, Janhavi D Bauskar – Gr. III, J Nuha Ban – Gr. V), 3 students got second position (Anle – Gr. I, Ahana – Gr. III, Aditi Raman – Gr. VI) and 3 students got third position (Abbas – Gr. II, S Keerthan – Gr. IV, Muzhda – Gr. V).

Some specific schools across UAE were chosen for special awards where TIAS was honored with ‘The Creative Clan Award for Harnessing Creative Talents’The TIAS students also attended the workshops on the creative writing and Creative Art and also meet the celebrity authors at Sharjah Children’s Reading Festival 2015

The school congratulate the students, appreciates the efforts put up by the Teachers (Ms. Mehnaz and Ms. Oiendrila) and the support from the parents.

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