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Maerid of Rachnatmak Idee- 2015-16

(Exhibition of creative Ideas)

The annual Art and Science exhibition for the year 2015-16 was organized in the school on the 25th February’2016. It was a platform for the students to exhibit their creative ideas in the discipline of art and science. The Principal, Dr. Reshma inaugurated the Exhibition. Many students from grade 1 to 6 participated in the event

                 Thought provoking working models like the hydraulic bridge and the wireless AC from the Science section and the beautiful woolen armlets/bracelets and paper jewelry from the art section received great appreciation from the judges and spectators alike. The venue was packed with parents, teachers (Primary and kindergarten) and students for the complete two hours. Few of the models such as electronic quiz board were meant for the audience who were awarded with prizes based on their performance.

The event was a grand success I terms of participation and presentation. Great feedback was given by the judges and the audience for the variety, attractive and neat display, explanation etc. Three winners were selected for art and science and awarded with certificates to motivate them.

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