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On 9th October, 2016 a Globex-Symposium was held in The Indian Academy, Sharjah Auditorium. The main objective of the Symposium was to create awareness amongst students. The primary students (grades 1-4) had ‘Stories from the World’. The children got an opportunity to listen to amazing stories from around the world. The participants exhibited sense of stage presence and spoke with expressions and voice modulation.


Symposium for the middle school (grades5-7) comprised of power point presentations based on Global Issues. Each issue was addressed with solutions. The theme ran like a silver thread throughout the event.

Stories from the World

The event concluded with a speech given by the Principal, Mr. Joseph and the Head Mistress. Overall the event was educative and informative as it gave a chance to the children to ponder over the global issues and what they can do to improve it in their small ways.

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