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             Summer is just round the corner

Living in the Gulf, the season that lasts the longest is none other than summer.  ‘But summer can be fun’, this is exactly what the students of the Kindergarten Section of TIAS want to say today.

In our endeavor to give the children a better understanding of the ongoing topic on seasons, they were given an opportunity to learn through experience.

Various activities were conducted to help them understand the uniqueness of various seasons of the year – what it feels like, what people wear, what we like to eat and what we enjoy doing during that particular season.  To reinforce their understanding of the summer season, the children had a special activity ‘Summer is just round the corner’.

The little ones came dressed in various summer wear and carried the appropriate accessories too.  The cool, varied and colourful summer t-shirts, shorts, flip flops, cotton frocks with various accessories like sun glasses, caps, umbrellas etc. in a variety of colours and shapes were a feast to the eyes.  What more could they do, than pretend play on a beach, to get the real feel of how pleasant one can feel in the warm summer months.

They also drew, coloured and discussed various treats enjoyed in summer months such as fresh fruit juices, ice creams, etc.

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