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Look to the left,

Look to the right,

Before you cross the street.

Use your eyes,

And use your ears,

Before you use your feet.

To bring in more awareness towards road safety, the students of the kindergarten section at The Indian Academy, Sharjah had a “Safety on the Road “activity on the 13th of December ’16 in the school premises.

A complete road set up with the traffic signal and zebra crossing was put up in the play area. The traffic policeman as a community helper was also present on the scene to guide the little ones.  A reinforcement of the traffic signals, what they mean, the use of the zebra crossing to cross the road and various other safety rules were re-enacted by the little ones. Children enjoyed riding their two and three wheeler vehicles keeping in mind the traffic rules. They were so engrossed in the activity that they kept their eyes wide open, without blinking, on the traffic lights waiting for the signal to turn green. As an extended activity in the classroom, the children made a traffic signal as a bookmark to be used in their almanac.

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