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The unit on the means of transport generated great enthusiasm in the children. Discussions revolved around the various means of transport they use in their daily life along with other vehicles they see around them.  Conversations on the different brands of vehicles, their speed, distinguishing features and other unique factors were endless as they see them on the roads in UAE regularly.  But what about the vehicles that traversed the roads some decades back.  Open ended questions aroused their curiosity.  There was no better way for them to understand than to see them first hand at the Sharjah Classic Cars Museum.   The kindergarteners at The Indian Academy Sharjah visited the museum which not only has a wide display of vintage and classic cars of different brands dating back to the 20th century in addition to classic motorcycles and bikes. Children got the opportunity to get a close up look at classic car models and their specifications including Rolls Royce, Ford, Mercedes, Chevrolet etc.

They were extremely excited to see the glamorous display of cars. The little ones were equally thrilled to sit in an open car along with their friends.

Extended activities in the classroom were planned to help them recollect and express themselves with regard to various vehicles old and new.

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