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Admission Process
Admission Process Read everything you need to know regarding our Admission Procedure
Syllabus Detailed syllabus for the entrance test we conduct at the time of Admission
The Indian Academy(TIA) has an efficient transport system which is supervised by RTA trained bus Supervisors and headed by the Administration Manager.We have fully equipped, RTA certified, well maintained school buses for student transport .The buses operates in areas of Dubai/Sharjah and Ajman providing safe, efficient and timely bus facility to our students. As every child is our priority,our trained staff take utmost care to give the children safe journey  to and from  school. TIA has female bus attendants in all the buses to help the students.
The drivers and lady bus supervisors are RTA trained and certified staff. An exclusive vehicle work shop takes care of the maintenance of school buses including air-conditioning in the bus. All safety equipment as specified by RTA is being provided inside the bus [Fire extinguishers, first aid box etc.]  . The Bus staff are given training on a continuous basis to reinforce the importance of the students’ safety while they are in the school buses. For example, the importance of putting seat belt while the bus is on the move. A daily attendance sheet is maintained in the bus with student details and parents contact numbers on it. Bus movement in the campus is strictly monitored with the help of transport supervisor and support staff. Administration Manager is responsible for training and day to day monitoring of the duties of the support staff. TIA has a school bus policy and field trip policy; a ready reckoner detailing the objectives and responsibilities while the students are in the bus and while on a field trip. Arrival, Dispersal etc. are monitored and the school has given high priority on safety and security of the children in the buses and in campus.


  1.  The students are expected to wear their bus/ID cards regularly.
  2. At the time of boarding, please ensure that your child does not move towards the bus until it comes to a complete stand still.
  3. Parents are requested to bring their wards to the bus pick-up point in time and make provision to receive them in time, at the time of Drop-off.
  4. Students are not allowed to stand or run in the bus while travelling.
  5. Chewing gum is not allowed while travelling in the school bus.
  6. Changes in Pick-up or Drop-off points will be accepted only on prior written permission. Kindly send a note to the administrative office.
  7. The school holds the right to request students not to use the transport in case of misbehaviour in the bus. Use of foul language will be treated as a serious       misconduct.
  8. Instructions by the Teachers travelling in the bus should be strictly followed.
  9. The bus attendants and the drivers are fully authorized to guide your child inside the bus as well as report to the school office if your child is not following the  above guidelines. The school will not allow such students to travel in the bus.
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