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The Indian Academy, Sharjah follows the Indian Curriculum – Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE), which is the largest education provider in India and is internationally recognized.
We regularly assign homework to students based on what is taught in class for better understanding of the concepts. We advice parents to ensure that assignments are regularly practiced and completed.
First Day At School
We understand that it is not easy to leave your child at school. As parents you are bound to be anxious and nervous about how they would fit in, adjust and learn away from home.
Assessment and Evaluation
Our unique approach to learning is achieved with the help of our well trained teachers. Our premium learning environment ensures that the best facilities are provided to the students.
Field Trips And Visits
Field trips, educational visits and excursions are central to our education system. These experiences provide a complete insight into the application of the concepts learnt in the classroom.
High Performance Learning
In our schooling system we approach learning by invoking interest and making our students curious learners. This is achieved through a combination of creative and innovative techniques.
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