Readathon month at Kindergarten (May ’16)

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Readathon month at Kindergarten  (May ’16)

Reading aloud with children is an essential component to language development and is one of the most important activities for preparing them to succeed as readers.

Reading is an integral part of the learning process.  The building blocks to develop and enhance the reading skills of children can be laid at the kindergarten level helping them to be readers for life. In addition to various activities conducted regularly to help the children develop an inclination and liking towards reading, the Readathon Month was celebrated at the kindergarten level with various activities.

The students of KG1 had sessions on Pictorial reading where the students were actively involved in activities which included talking and discussing various pictures and situations with their peers and Homeroom teacher.

The students of KG2 participated in Rebus Reading sessions which included reading of simple sentences with guiding pictures.

The students conducted classes where they helped their peers read sight words as well as simple CVC words through blending of letter sounds.

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