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Organic Gardening

The Organic Gardening Event was inaugurated on April 21st, 2016 in The Indian Academy, Sharjah (TIAS), right corner of the building from the main gate at 10 AM by the Senior Leadership team of the School, Dr. Reshma, Principal and Ms Mini Tripathy, Head Mistress.


The students from all grades I-VII were all set to plunge into the organic gardening. They sowed seeds like flowers, coriander, radish, chilies, fenugreek, onion, garlic. They adopted the scientific steps on how to make an observation, ask critical thinking questions, hypothesis, and conduct experiments and to draw conclusions.


Later they completed the worksheets and took onus of their responsibility in maintaining the organic garden. The event was done under the expert supervision of the Science Coordinator, Ms. Jyotsna.

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