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MATH FAIR :2017-2018

To showcase the interconnection and interdependency of Math In real life problems, students of grade I – IX presented a ‘MATH FAIR – A PROBLEM SOLVING EVENT’ on 8th May 2017 at TIAS auditorium by designing real situations and hands-on-activities. It was a culmination of the process that began with the planning, exploring, brainstorming, and zeroing down upon concepts. The entertainment quotient was added via games like chess, snake & ladder, ludo etc.


  • To build different mathematical skills and concepts.
  • To help students learn best when provided with a concept they can manipulate and visualize.
  • To build the confidence of the students in Math skills.
  • To add the fun element to the teaching learning process.
  • To enhance the team spirit.
  • To extrapolate simple mathematical concepts to higher order thinking and creating a challenge.

Parental involvement in supporting the students to organize such a grand event and their active participation in solving the problems set by the young minds is worth mentioning.

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