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JMUN Conference Report

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It was a great opportunity once again for our students of TIAS to represent our school in competition being organized by Apple International School – Dubai. The event was a Model United Nations, a concept encouraged by the United Nations itself. The concept of a MUN is important as it helps the participants to become fully aware of the way the UN functions.

JMUN was extremely exciting for both the organizers and us, for some of the participants it was the first Model United Nations. After registering for the event, the participants were informed about their fields of research and the form of the competition. We were allotted two nations Germany and Turkey.  We had to send in a delegation of ten members of five committees representing each country. It was a two-day event 9th and 10th of May 2018.

The overall experience was immensely enriching for the students, both in terms of gaining knowledge and making friends from all corners of the UAE.

The competition also gave the students the feel of what it takes and feels to be a representative of nation. With immense support from teachers the students put up an outstanding performance in all the committees. This was reflected in the awards ceremony, where one of our delegate representing Turkey Mohammed Samar were declared as the Best Delegates 2018 -2019 from the General Assembly.


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Best Delegate: Mohammed Samar



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