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The Islamic week was celebrated in The Indian Academy, Sharjah with great zeal and energy. The school welcomed Ramadan with their first Assembly on the theme “Marhaba Ramadan”. The Assembly was organized by the Islamic department to give the students an overview of the culture and tradition of Islam followed during the month of Ramadan.

On the second day of the week, a Quiz contest was conducted by the teachers of Islamic department based on the power point presentation about the significance of Ramadan. Students participated in the contest with enthusiasm, after which the school choir presented a melodious Nasheed.

During the third day of the week, an Inter house Qiraat competition was conducted. Students mesmerized the audience with their melodious rendering.

On the fourth day of the week, the winners of the various competitions were given the medals and certificates.

The fifth day of the Islamic week was dedicated to the class decoration program, students decorated their classes and welcomed the holy month of Ramadan. This marked the end of the celebration of the Islamic week.

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