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Oral language and phonological sensitivity (sound discrimination) are not the only skills that are developed when children are exposed to songs, chants, and rhyme.  They can also develop listening and thinking skills. Oral language (vocabulary), phonological sensitivity and comprehension (thinking skills) are the building blocks of literacy. Keeping this in mind, the students of KG 1 and 2 participated in Group Recitation which became a perfect springboard for developing all three of these critical skill areas.
The students were taught a poem in class which was related to the current topics being taught.  Proper diction, voice modulation and synchronization during recitation was stressed.

On the 28th of May, the students went on stage to recite the poems.  Colourful headgears and/or badges added to the show.  What better way to have a programme than to have the little ones themselves as the audience.  The students cheered and applauded their friends from other classes when they performed on stage.

Our motto of ‘Leave no child behind’ was fulfilled as every student got an opportunity to perform before their peers.  The confidence exuded by the little ones on stage was commendable.
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