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Health and Happiness – Annual Sports Day 2015-16

‘I may win and I may lose, but I will never be defeated’ – Emmitt Smith

Health and happiness go hand in hand.  To teach our little ones the importance of good health and to keep them healthy and fit, various physical activities are an integral part of our curriculum.  It is also integral for every child to understand that losing and winning are all a part of the game and it has to be taken with a smile.  To inculcate these values, the students of The Indian Academy, Sharjah, participated in ‘Health and Happiness – Annual Sports Day’ on the School Football Field on Saturday, the 12th of December, 2015.

Every student was an active participant in the fun filled colourful events that not only included various individual and relay races but also drill displays, aerobics and dances.  The inter house competitions generated a lot of enthusiasm and team spirit amongst all the participants.  Each event related to theme of ‘Environment’ and carried a thought provoking message like ‘Save the Tigers’, ‘Say no to plastic bags’, ‘Let’s go shopping for healthy food’, ‘Grow more trees’, etc.  The parents and the teaching community were not left behind as there were games organized for them too.

The Guests of Honour were Mr. Sunil Mustafa, Director of Vaas Victoria Cricket Academy, Mr. Jayesh Sebastian, MD, Takyon International FZA and Mr. Rukmal Vaas, brother of the famous cricketer, Mr. Chaminda Vaas. They not only graced the occasion with their presence but also did the honour of giving away the prizes and participated in the event too. Also the one minute activity involving all the parents, delegates, guests, in couple form as ‘lend a minute to your family’ was highly appreciated by all parents.

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