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On October 17th 2016, ‘Fun with Family’ a Parental Involvement Programme was held at The Indian Academy School Sharjah Auditorium. The programme commenced at 10:30am and continued till 1:45pm. There was an overwhelming enthusiastic response from the parents. The parents participated in different categories. Part A category included Fruit and Vegetable carving along with its presentation. Part B category included ‘Fun with Family’ competitions (namely, traditional costume, we are a music loving family, see us perform.)

We at TIAS believe that Parental Involvement is much more than merely classroom learning. It is rightly said that when a teacher and a parent works hand in hand then children have better self-esteem, are more self-disciplined, and show higher aspirations and motivation toward school.

We thank all the parent participants who actually made this program a huge success.

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