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First Steps

We understand that it is not easy to leave your tiny tots behind at school. As parents you are bound to be anxious and nervous about how they would fit in, adjust and learn in an environment that is not home. To make them comfortable we arrange for some icebreaker activities. This will help them understand that school is a safe and a fun place to be in. We ensure they make friends and our teachers help them in this process.


During the first few weeks of school it’s essential to have continuous communication with the child. This applies to both the parents and the teachers. By doing so we can keep track of the child’s adaptation to the new environment. Once we come across any particular discomfort faced by the child we can concentrate and direct our efforts to help ease him/her into the new atmosphere. It is a good practise to make the class teacher the first point of contact for any kind of concerns. Whatever your child’s reaction to school is, remember that our teachers are well trained to handle it.

Preparing The Child

When the children arrive in the school premises we ensure that they are made comfortable. The concerned teacher takes care of them in the classroom and engages them in interesting activities. This ensures that the students know their teacher and other children present in the class. This is immensely helpful in putting the child at ease. Soon after, small tests are conducted. This helps the teachers analyze the comfort level of each child in various aspects of learning and development. Teachers are able to facilitate individualized learning plans which are in accordance to the needs of every child.

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