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             To enhance the curriculum and increase the knowledge, the museum has the unique opportunity and resources to make the learning experience one of the exhilaration and joyous discovery.

          Students of grades 5 and 6 visited Al-Hisn Sharjah Fort on the 22nd of February’2016,which is located in the center of Sharjah city. It was built in 1820 by the late Sheikh Sultan bin Saqr Al-Qasimi. The Fort is a real masterpiece of old Arab architecture.

            Students of grades 3 and 4 visited the Sharjah Museum of Islamic Civilization. The Islamic Faith Gallery which explores the Five Pillars of Islam and the main principles of the Faith

        Students enjoyed, learnt, understood and gained knowledge about the rich Arab Heritage. They were able to write their experience of the trip in the worksheets. It was a wonderful learning experience for the students and teachers.

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