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Classrooms are happy places, and we ensure that children look forward to attending their classes. We ensure that all children benefit from our classrooms.
Free Flow Area
A good Free Flow Area offers a rich play and learning experience for children. It allows children to progress and become more social. They learn to share and adjust with other children.
Public Speaking
Public speaking is an important life skill. We conduct regular public speaking activities in a fun environment that helps students become better communicators. 
Music And Movement
We believe that the more music children hear and the richer the musical sounds they experience, the sooner they develop their own musical skills.
Kinder Club
Through a structured programme, opportunities for independent learning, and an environment rich in language and games; The Kinder Club makes children confident learners.
Our school library is an organised collection of study material aimed to enrich pupils, teachers and other staff alike. It includes access to local, regional, national and international information databases.
ICT Labs
ICT is an integral part of our curriculum. In this age of Computer Technology, an early exposure to the basics of computers prepares the child for the future and helps him/her to overcome any inhibitions he/she might have towards computer usage.
Fun And Games
Along with academics, it is imperative that children have sufficient play time. This develops their physical strength, stamina, cognitive thinking and a healthy mind. 
We organize various activities inside the classroom for students. They participate in it with other students by forming groups.  This helps to develop a healthy social attitude.
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