Eurhythmics is the art of harmonious bodily movement especially though expressive timed movements in response to music.  Dance is a natural method for learning and a basic form of expression.  They develop a child’s coordination, motor control and balance.

To sharpen these skills and develop an understanding of rhythm and movement, the Kindergarten students of The Indian Academy,Sharjah performed before their peers on the 3rd of May for Eurhythmics, an event which not only had the performers but also the audience moving and clapping to the musical beats.

The music was carefully selected to help the children pick the steps of movement with ease and confidence.  Every child got an opportunity to go on stage and perform with his/her classmates.  The enthusiasm and zeal was palpable as the students moved to lively dance numbers.  Colourful add ons gave extra effects to the lively and colourful performances.

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