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Our children are the future.  The fate of this planet is not only in our hands, but in theirs too. Teaching kids the message of Earth Day is the legacy we leave for all mankind. The most important thing for kids to know is that Earth Day is not one day of celebrating by creating more garbage, but instead a reminder of what we should be doing all year long. As adults, it’s our job to teach them this.
Keeping in mind that the little ones learn through experience, the students of The Indian Academy, Sharjah were asked to bring small saplings to celebrate Earth Day on the 22nd of April, 2015. The day began with a special assembly on the why and how Earth Day is celebrated.  In the classroom they had discussions, under the guidance of their homeroom teacher, on the importance of plants and why we should grow more trees.  Large plant holders were earmarked for each class.  The children planted the saplings they had brought along
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