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As the academic year draws to a close the students of The Indian Academy Sharjah are in a bright and cheerful mood. Another milestone is achieved as they move on to a new class. They are eagerly looking forward to it. But as they look back, they have a sense of contentment and achievement. They made new friends this year, learnt many new things and carved a niche for themselves. What better way to celebrate this occasion than to express their emotions using vibrant colours. The students used an array of colours to express their feelings and emotions as they created beautiful artwork in class. It not only gave the students a feeling of achievement, the teachers too were more than happy to see the progress of the students entrusted in their care. Under the guidance of their teachers the students gave way to free expressions in various ways. The art work was later displayed in the school corridors.
Colourful celebrations truly displayed the inner joy and happiness of every child at The Indian Academy, Sharjah.

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