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Children’s Day was celebrated on November 14th 2016 at The Indian Academy School Sharjah with great fervor and enthusiasm. It was a special day which marked childhood. The programme started at 1pm with the Quran recital and the UAE National Anthem. The teachers organized a plethora of programmes for the students like group dance, group song, a short skit, a special song sung by the Principal and the music teacher entitled, ‘We are the World’. This was followed by a fashion show by the teachers. Teachers were dressed up in a variety of traditional attire from their own countries. It was a fun filled day for the students.

Prior to the special assembly programme, a cricket match was held between the teachers and the students. This was followed by the class party and a movie show for the primary and the middle school students in the Auditorium.

Overall the children enjoyed their day in school.

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