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The staff and students of TIA, Sharjah actively participated in an awareness drive to the deadly disease.  A PPT of the same was sent home to the parents as well.  Each teacher familiarized the students of her class, at their level, and asked them to convey the message to their parents, especially mothers, to take care of themselves.

The students of FS coloured a beautiful card with a message expressing their love for their mother and asking them to take care of their health.  They also attached a pink ribbon on it. The took it home to give it to their mother.

The students in the primary section made a pink  placard with cut out of their hand prints, decorated it and wrote their message of love to their mother on it.  They carried it home to give it to their mother.

The teachers came dressed in pink and wore pink ribbons to support the cause.  They also had an enlightening session with Ms. Beena, the Headmistress, and watched a PPT on the same.  Then there was a general discussion in which the teachers related instances where their near and dear ones were snatched away by this dreaded disease.  The teachers discussed the importance of regular examinations and other precautions to be taken.  They all pledged to take care of their health.

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