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Teachers Day Celebrations

A special assembly to celebrate Teachers’ Day was conducted by the students of Grade 4. The assembly commenced with the recitation from the Holy Quran followed by its translation. Then the UAE National Anthem was followed by a short skit of a classroom scene to depict the role of a teacher. To show their appreciation […]

English Week (FS)

Various events were organized to for the students of Foundation Stage to celebrate English Week between 7th and 11th September, 2014.  They participated in  ‘Group Recitation’ , an event to enhance their speaking and communication skills.  They were taught a poem in class which they recited  before their peers with actions and voice modulation.  Their […]

Famous Monuments of India

Presented by Grade 1& 2 The assembly started off with recitation from the Holy Quran followed by its translation. The thought for the day and important news headlines were announced by the students. The monuments of our country are a living testimony to the history of India. They have a rare, astonishing and unique architecture […]

Science Week

FS (14th to 18th September) As a Part of the Science Week celebration at FS level, various activities were held to involve parents as well, in the process of learning. At FS1 level, while the teachers were busy inculcating good and healthy eating habits in  children, parents were invited to demonstrate making of healthy sandwiches […]

Fancy Dress Competition (FS2)

As a culmination of the unit on Community Helpers, a Fancy Dress Competition was organized for the students of FS2.  They dressed up as various community helpers and spoke a few sentences on it.  This not only helped them develop their  speaking, communication and forward thinking skills, their listening and social skills were also enhanced.  […]

Anti- Drugs Campaign

Presented by Grade 3 Students of Grade 3 started the assembly with the recitation of the Holy Quran which was followed by its translation. The Presenters conveyed a strong message about the harmful effects of drugs which is affecting school students worldwide. Banners and slogans were prepared by the participants and they spoke confidently about […]

World Heart Day Celebration

Presented by Grade 4 A special assembly on the theme of ‘World Heart Day’ was presented by the students of Grade 4.  The students emphasized the importance of being in good health by leading a healthy and energetic life. Besides the routine prayer and the National Anthems of UAE and India, the students performed the […]

Gandhi Jayanti and Eid Celebrations

Presented by Grade 2  and FS I Blue students Students of Grade 2 conducted a presentation for the Gandhi Jayanti celebrations where Pratush was dressed up as Mahatma Gandhi while two students spoke about the ‘Father of the Nation’ and his vital role in Indian Freedom Movement. Pictures and banners with Gandhiji’s photographs were displayed […]

Diwali Assembly

  A spectacular and colourful assembly on Diwali  was conducted by the students of FS1 Green along with some students from the Primary Section on Thursday, the 22nd of October, 2014.  The little ones not only recited verses from the Holy Quran, they also spoke on how the festival of Diwali is celebrated and highlighted […]
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